What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

I had so many ideas and thoughts on this subject I was not sure how I would fit it into a short  article. Then I stumbled by accident on Richard Branson’s definition of what it means to be an Entrepreneur. I was blown away at the simplicity of his answer.

Branson simply states

“Being an entrepreneur simply means being someone who wants to make a difference to other people’s lives.”

Wow, not only has he accurately described what it means to be an entrepreneur he has almost described what it mean to be a spiritual entrepreneur.

What I love about this definition is that you don’t have to own or run a business to be an entrepreneur. With this definition Mother Theresa was an Entrepreneur.

The key words are, make a difference and other people’s lives.

What is Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

I have heard many describe Spiritual Entrepreneurship as any endeavour that decides to put people before profits. That is certainly one aspect of it, however I believe it is far more than just putting people first.

Being a spiritual entrepreneur is having God work through you in this world. Your motivation originates from an act of love and compassion. There is no thought of what’s in it for me.

Some of the fundamental questions spiritual entrepreneurs are motivated by are

  • How can I improve the lives of others?
  • How can I ease suffering?
  • How can I create beauty?

My all-time favourite Spiritual Entrepreneur is the late Buckminster Fuller.

Fuller was an inventor, author, speaker, philosopher, Architect and much more. He was a true generalist (a lot of knowledge on many subjects) and wrote over twenty books. He toured the globe for over twenty years giving lectures on how we can improve the world. He had a deep understanding of God and the universe we inhabit.

At an early age, after losing his young daughter to an illness he considered committing suicide. However he had the realisation that to kill himself would be a selfish act and he would not be benefiting anyone including the wife he left behind if he was to end his life. He decided he would commit “egocide”(destroy his ego) and commit himself to seeing what one man could do on behalf of all humanity.

For the rest of his life he committed himself to making a difference to other people’s lives.

Fuller’s life story has been an incredible inspiration for me and I strongly recommend learning more about him.

Key indicators of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

  1. Spiritual entrepreneurs are deeply aware that they are an integral part of God’s creation.
  2. Spiritual entrepreneurs have learnt to banish there Ego (or reduce it considerably)
  3. Spiritual entrepreneurs only create products or services that benefit and inspire humanity.
  4. Spiritual entrepreneurs are an example of God’s love and creative energy.
  5. Spiritual entrepreneurs inspire others and lead by example.
  6. Spiritual entrepreneurs don’t become entrepreneurs to get rich.
  7. Spiritual entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because they have to.


So if you think you may be a spiritual entrepreneur please keep going, don’t give up, the world needs you !







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