10 reasons why you should quit your job within six months!

I was stuck in a job I hated – I mean really hated – for more than ten years. My friends and family could not understand why I hated my job as an insurance manager. I earned a six figure income and had all the perks and comforts of being employed as a middle-level manager for a large publicly-listed company. I wanted to quit my job.

I procrastinated for a long time on the pros and cons of staying at my comfortable but soul-destroying job or leaving to start my own business. It was not until I couldn’t stand it any longer (I really was dying inside) that I decided to quit and start my first business.

According to worldwide surveys (Gallup 2011 to 2016) only about 25 percent of workers actually like going to work. This blog has been written for the other 75 percent.

Please also note, not all jobs are soul-destroying and some businesses and companies do offer valuable products and services, however according to worldwide surveys and my own observations, the majority of workers worldwide are not happy.

In this blog I will not specifically outline how you should replace your work (because realistically you still need some form of income) but my other blogs and my ebooks do give you plenty of insights on how to make the transition away from soul-destroying work to more meaningful work.

Reasons why you should quit your job in 6 months.

  1. You company, boss or owner has employed you for one reason, and that is to make the owner or shareholders richer. That is their number one priority, always has been, and unless there is a radical shift with our economic system, it always will be. (Do you really want to work your butt off to make someone else richer?)
  2. The odds of your job being outsourced or automated in the next five years are very high. It’s better to have control over your own escape plan instead of being thrown out with no warning and no plan. Also the odds of your employer closing down and going out of business is also high. (Why wait to be made redundant?)
  3. You have almost zero control over your time or your income with your current job, you simply accept whatever crumbs you are offered and might get the occasional pay rise (sounds a bit like a slave don’t you think?)
  4. Your employer is only concerned with the talents you possess which will then increase the owner’s and shareholder’s profit, not your own income. (DO you want to give ALL your time to someone who has no real concern for what you can truly offer the world?)
  5. You job will take up much of your valuable time and will not allow much spare time to work on your unique talents or creating services or products that could benefit the world. (Be honest with yourself, do you think you are wasting your talents/life in your current job?)
  6. Because we live in a competitive consumer market, most companies are always trying to extract more work from their workers for less income. Some won’t even employ workers but prefer to employ sub-contractors. Don’t expect your income to improve dramatically in the future or to be granted more free time from your current job. (Has your income and the amount of free time you have available increased dramatically over the last three years, or has it stagnated?)
  7. The product or service your company is creating will most likely not change or benefit the word in any meaningful way. (Why would you waste your time and precious life helping your boss or company by creating a service or product the world does not need?)
  8. All it takes is one manager, director, stakeholder or business owner not to like you and your career advancement or security can come to a halt overnight. (Is this really less risky than starting your own business?)
  9. By giving yourself a six month plan to quit your job, it will force you to focus on a  creative plan to move into the next meaningful stage of your life. (Think of your talents, what work you would love to do and what really excites you?)
  10. Think back to when you were a child and you dreamt of doing something great with your life? You didn’t think: one day when I grow up I’m going to get a job that I really don’t like but but I won’t care as it will not ask much of me and it will pay the bills.  You probably had something better in mind for yourself. (So what happened?)

Your boss or company does not care about your talents or true purpose in life; only the purpose of the company, and, as the saying goes ‘If you’re not busy working on your own dreams then you will end up working for someone else and helping them achieve their dreams.’ Enough said. This is a simple thought experiment to get you to think then take action so that in six months time you will be ready to transition to a more meaningful and rewarding way of living.

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