A Question for Atheists

I have a known and have a few friends who are Atheists. They do not believe there is a God or any higher power working in our Universe. They rationalise that creation is sort of a cosmic accident. Most of these individuals are extremely intelligent and quite often conclude that believers in a higher power are either not intelligent enough to understand the truth or are just plain whacko!

The truth is no amount of researching or circumstantial evidence will ever be enough to prove the existence of God to an Atheist. The reason is simple, knowing there is a God goes beyond understanding and rational thought. This knowing is more of a feeling and there is no rational way to explain this. Meditation and prayer seek to connect you to this knowing. It is no surprise that many of us achieve this knowing after we have suffered a tremendous loss. We realise our limited rational brains cannot connect with the peace of God. Our spirits can, but they require our minds to be quiet.

If you an Atheist I am going to try the best I can to offer a rational reason that your disbelief makes absolutely no logical sense (I am appealing to your logic here so stay with me)


Just imagine that two best friends (Peter and Bill-believers will find these names amusing) went to visit an Art museum. Now let’s assume that Peter is well versed in all the paintings on display at the museum however Bill is not.

At one point the two best friends are standing in front of a huge wall to wall mural of the most beautiful life-like painting of mountain ranges. The detail is incredible, mountains, valleys, and rivers are bathed in glorious sunlight. It looks like a photo however on closer inspection it is obviously an oil painting of immense beauty and detail.

Bill notices there is no signature of the artist on the painting. Confused he asks Peter “do you know who painted this magnificence painting”?

Peter looks at him and says “don’t be silly Bill an artist did not paint this painting. This canvas was left outside in the parking lot for ten years and over time paint and dirt fell on the canvas to create this beautiful painting. It is just chance and coincidence”.

I think we can assume that Bill would think Peter was crazy!

How is this any different for an Atheist when they explain that the beautiful creation that surrounds them every day is an amazing accident!

The moral of the story, of course there is an Artist.


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