Why the Pursuit of Pleasure Will Never Bring You Peace!

We live in a society that promotes pleasure as being a worthwhile goal.

We want to live in pleasurable houses, dine in pleasurable restaurants and a few times a year go on a pleasurable holiday.

Most individuals in modern society have been conditioned to crave pleasure. Many of us seek more and more constantly, more sex, more food, more entertainment.

Basically if we are not expecting some form of pleasure then we are planning for pleasure.

Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with experiencing pleasure, however when it becomes the central pre occupation of your life, well something is amiss.

God has given us this Earth to enjoy and a part of being human is to able being able to enjoy some of the pleasures of this world.

We can think of pleasure like fine wine.

Just like wine, pleasure is best in moderation. If we get addicted to pleasure just like alcohol it will eventually ruin our lives and effect those around us.

Addiction to pleasure is all about self

The main issue with the constant pursuit of pleasure is that it places yourself at the centre of the universe at all times. You will always be putting your own pleasure above anything else. It becomes a sort of obsession that requires a tremendous amount of your mental and physical energy to maintain.

The other issues with the pleasures of this world is that they are temporary and do not generally last very long. That fantastic meal you enjoy will eventually be finished.

The holiday must eventually come to an end, the new car your purchased will slowly start to age. For those who are addicted to pleasure this cycle never ends so when one pleasure ends you are already looking for your next pleasure fix.

It is dessert not the main meal

As stated before God has given us a world with many pleasures to enjoy, however it should be the dessert of life not the main meal. Your main meal should always be serving God, this usually involves using the gifts God has given you to serve others. We can all enjoy the pleasures of this world without becoming addicted to them.

We find meaning in our lives by giving our time to ease the burden or by creating beauty for other individuals.

The more we do for others the more connected we feel to both God and other individual. The good news is we do not have to exclude pleasure to do good in the world, we just need to make sure it is not our main priority in this life.

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