How to purchase a business when you have no money!

This post is not intended to be a get rich quick rags to riches story because firstly I have never worn rags (thankfully) and secondly I am far from rich.

I have written this post to make it evidently clear that anything is possible if we put our faith in our Creator and follow our Spiritual Purpose.

I also want to dispel the myth once and for all that it takes money to make things happen. I have firsthand experience and evidence that it does not take money to follow your dream.

I believe that the world can be radically changed if we encourage more individuals to start businesses that benefit humanity.

I had only eight hundred dollars in my account when I purchased my first business a flying school.

Most individuals would think I was crazy to even think about leaving a secure high paying job with no savings to run my first business (especially a flying school.)

How did I purchase a flying school when I had no money?

The previous business owner owned two aircraft that were used in the flying school for training.

I simply offered the owner a long term fixed lease agreement to use his aircraft. I would use these aircraft in the school at a rate and term that would compensate him for allowing me to own the business for no money down. He was happy as he could walk away and still receive an income from his aircraft. I was happy because I could walk into an existing income producing business even though I had no money of my own.

There are plenty of business owners who cannot sell their business for various reasons who would be more than willing to offer a type of vendor finance deal that allows them to walk away, while still receiving an income.

I was very excited that I was able to negotiate the purchase of a new business however I had almost no working capital.

How did I start the business with only eight hundred dollars in my account?

I will be honest, starting a business with little or no cash reserve is not a great idea. However if you have no other choice and the opportunity and time is right then don’t let a lack of capital stop you.

The way I survived was simple, I kept my old job as an insurance manager (soul destroying job) and reduced my hours to part time while I focused on growing the business and building my reserve.

Money does not make things happen, money is simply oil that lubricates a business. To get a business of the ground requires faith in God, hard work and faith in people (and the help of many individuals).

Most individuals believe when they get enough money they can start or buy a business or follow their dream. My experience has been that the more relationships I foster, the more individuals I ask for help and the more I help other individuals the more the business grows.


Miracles and coincidences.

Once I purchased the business amazing coincidences (miracles) kept occurring to help the business grow. The right people and resources would show up just at the right moment. Just when I thought I would run out of cash due to bad weather the sun would clear and the revenue would start flowing again.

Putting your trust in God and leaving your ego behind.

I’m not going to pretend that it has always been smooth sailing and that I never worry about the business. There have been many times I have lost faith in both God and myself and let the insidious disease we call worry enter my mind.

Looking back now I have come to realise that the main purpose of starting my first business was to learn to put my complete trust in God.

This is a daily battle and is not always easy.

Once you know your purpose do not let your lack of money, talent or time stop you from starting.

If I had not taken the first leap of faith and left my secure but boring job I would now not be doing work I love and would never have been inspired to write my first book or start this website. God has provided everything I need just at the right moment.

Yes but!

Ok no more yes buts. I don’t know how many times I have heard individuals say, I would love one day to start my own ( add dream business here) one day. When I suggest they start today they normally respond with, YES BUT (I have a mortgage, I’m too old, too young, too many kids)’

The yes buts kills their dreams. The YES BUT is really saying YES, BUT IM TOO COMFORTABLE AND AFRAID OF TAKING RISKS.

They don’t realise that being comfortable and not taking risks is slowly killing there spirit.

Start today

You will not look back on your life and wish you spent more time at a job you hated, more time paying off your mortgage, more time watching television, more time sleeping in.

You will wish you spent more time connecting with God, other people and making a difference to their lives.

If you are unsure of what your purpose is or you know your purpose but not sure how to begin then I suggest you read my book the Three Desires! I know it will help you discover your unique purpose.

Remember to be patient with your journey, it will take time.

BUT START TODAYspiritual entrepreneur!


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