How to escape the job you hate in 6 months!

If you do not enjoy your job and you are working because you have to and not because you want to, then I regret to inform that you are a wage slave!

The good news you can escape this wage slave job that you hate within six months quite easily.

All it takes is a plan and consistent action daily. I will assume you either do not know what your life purpose is or if you do, you are not ready to make a living from doing the work you love just yet.


Why you hate your job

The main reasons you hate your job is because you feel stuck or trapped and the job does not honour your unique talents or purpose.

You have most likely applied for your current job through necessity not choice. The work is usually tedious, boring and offers little variety or creativity. I know about these jobs because I have spent over fifteen years stuck in boring meaningless work such as this. The pay is usually low and you live week to week working just for a pay check.

However I have known plenty of wage slaves who earn a very high income. The fear of not getting a pay check keeps the individual stuck in this meaningless work.


Your responsibilities

The other important issue is that we all have certain responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities are real and some imagined.

A common excuse I used to hear from friends and co-workers who hated their Jobs was that their company has looked after them and it would not be the right thing to do to just leave. They view their relationship with their employer as some type of marriage (until death do we part)

This type of thinking is insane, yes some small businesses do care about their employees however the majority of large businesses only care to the extent that it is in their best interest to care. It doesn’t matter how much time and energy both you and your company have invested in each other, if you soul is screaming out for help its time to say goodbye!

However if you have a family and kids to support then you do have a real responsibility. You cannot just quit your job and be left with not enough income to feed your kids for instance. These responsibilities are real and need deep thought and consideration before you make a life changing game plan.

One of the reasons I spent such a long term in work that I dreaded is because I was required to earn a considerable amount of income to support my family. If I was single I would have just quit my soul destroying job and done part time work while I worked on my purpose. In many ways having kids can keep you stuck in work you hate for a lot  longer than someone who is single and has no responsibilities outside of themselves.

For instance I have to make about $1000 per week just to pay for my children’s food, clothing and education and we live a very modest life.  While it is harder for anyone with children to escape being a wage slave it is by no means impossible and just takes more time and a little bit more effort. If you have no kids then congratulations your decision to leave your soul destroying job just got a lot easier.

The biggest responsibility you have is to God and yourself. Firstly you have a responsibility to build a strong relationship with your creator and secondly you have a responsibility to use the unique gifts that God has given you in an act of love and service.

Below I have outlined some of the easiest ways to quit the work you hate as soon as possible.


Take a part time job and reduce expenses

This is I believe the easiest way to leave your job in a small period of time. Part time and casual work is on the rise. If you can find a way to lower your weekly expenses and find part time work that gives you just enough income to exist, then this will allow more free time for you to work on your purpose.


Find a job aligned with your purpose that you enjoy

It is also possible that that you may be able to find a job that is closer aligned to your purpose. For instance I really did not enjoy working for a large insurance company.

However I thought if I am going to be stuck with this job for a while I could use it to learn some vital skills that will assist me later when I was ready to go out on my of those skills was how to motivate and coach individuals. This made the job more bearable knowing I would one day be able to use these skills when doing work that I love.

You may want to start a business but lack the sales skills required to run a successful business. I would suggest then looking for a sales job. This will help you tremendously later when you decide to take the plunge and go out on your own.


Quit your job and go on social welfare

When I was a manager with a large insurance company I had two of my workers who hated their jobs so much that it was actually making them sick. I used to try and find ways to help them change their attitude in relation to work. However nothing worked. They were screaming inside to get out and my recommendations where to firstly look for part time work elsewhere. Both of these individuals had the opportunity of moving back home to reduce their living expenses.

I eventually recommended that they quiet and go on social benefits until they figured out what to do. Both of these individuals found worked they loved within six months of quitting. One of them took on work as a volunteer and eventually found a full time job with a volunteer organisation that he had a passion for. The other found a job as an actress in a play. Both of these opportunities would not have been possible if they were still stuck in there full time employment.

You might be thinking why I would suggest someone quit their job and go on social benefits. The reason is simple. Some jobs are so bad and so incredibly debilitating to an individual’s mental health the only humane thing to do is to quit. I honestly believe they will actually be doing the government a favour. Firstly by allowing the individual to avoid expensive mental health issues in the future and secondly the benefit society will get by the individual eventually discovering their purpose and work they love.

This option works best for younger single individuals with no debt and very little expenses. If you have a family and children I would never recommend this approach as you will never earn enough to look after your children properly.

I would only recommend this scenario as a last resort when all other possibilities have been exhausted.


Start a part time business

Starting a part time business aligned with your purpose is an excellent way to transition to doing work that you love. Starting a business part time while you are still working is the best way I believe to eventually have more control over your time and allow you to escape the wage slave job you are currently stuck with.

I don’t believe everyone should take this path, however it worked for me and once committed to this path it did not take very long to transition from a job I hated to work I love.

Simply stop watching television every night and work on your new business at night.

I suggest starting a business that is low cost and sells either an information product or an existing product that is easy to sell online.


Your six month plan!

I never recommend anyone just quitting and leaving their job with no notice unless the job is physically, mentally or sexual abusive in any way.

I would also never leave without notice unless you answered yes to one of the three scenarios below


  1. You have an  incredible amount of cash reserves to fall back on
  2. Rich parents who don’t mind supporting you
  3. You can still exist on social welfare payments


The harsh reality is that in our society you require a substantial income just to break even. It will be very hard for you to work on finding work you love if you are not sure how you’re going to pay for your rent or mortgage for the week.

If you hate your job I suggest you put a six month plan into place to escape it. One year seems too long and six months I believe is worth getting excited about and very achievable. I have listed all the items you need to do over the next six months to help you leave the work you hate. I have not numbered these in any particular order as everyone’s story will be different.


  • Read my post how to Tolerate the Job you hate until you discover work you love
  • Reduce as much debt as possible to help simplify your life
  • See if you can reduce your current hours to part time work without going backwards financially
  • Start looking for and applying other jobs that are more related to your current interests that can help you develop some skill that you may require when you discover work that you love
  • Stop watching television and work on a new business, book or whatever you are passionate about.
  • Work on your purpose and plan for at least two hours each day (take the weekend off)
  • Reduce the time you spend on social media
  • Read my book The Three Desires Discovering Your spiritual purpose if you’re still not sure what your purpose is
  • Spent at least 15 min a day meditating and praying to God and asking him for guidance
  • Volunteer in the industry that you have a passion for
  • Read Zen the Art of Making a living by Lawrence T Bolt
  • Read the New Testament whenever you get a chance
  • Read the Tao Te Ching whenever you get a chance
  • Find a mentor who is doing what you want to do and ask them for advice ( I offer mentoring, please go to my mentoring page for more information)
  • Do not tell family and friends your plans (your partner is the exception)


Your Spirit knows when you are on the wrong life path. If you are hating your work and have tried to enjoy it but cannot it is time to move. God is tapping you on the shoulder saying take a risk, it’s time to plan and time to act. Your life will not change if just wait for things to happen.

If I can change my life course with three children and a large amount of debt and no cash reserves behind me so can you. It’s time to stop complaining about your life and taking responsibility for it. You are here for a purpose, you are not here just to live week to week in a job that does not honour your uniqueness or spirit.

Put a personal escape plan in place today and start working on it every day. If you dont do this, no one else will and you will be destined to stay a wage slave forever

This choice is yours !

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