Is the ego necessary?

In case you’re still a bit confused I am going to briefly explain what the ego is.

The ego is the image, idea or story you have created about yourself. Your ego is tightly connected to your thoughts. When we are lost in our own ego we believe the story we have created about ourselves as the truth.

Your ego will also try and attach and enlarge itself to a position, place or person. The ego loves more wealth, more success, and more of anything that makes you feel special.

Playing a role is not always the ego.

In society we all have to play certain roles to fit in with pre conceived ideas of how a person in that role should act. For instance the CEO of a large bank would be best to wear a suit and tie to a board meeting and not a singlet and thongs. We all have a preconceived idea on how the CEO of a large bank should present themselves and how they should act. Now the CEO may actually be completely different outside of this environment.

It is important to note that you only have an EGO PROBLEM if while playing the role you believe that you are the role.

Imagine you have been cast as the Hero in a superhero movie.

However imagine that while completing the film you actually started to believe that you were actually a real superhero! I am sure you would agree that you would be considered insane, this is exactly the difference between playing a social role and being lost in your ego.

You can still play a defined role in society while knowing your just playing a role while not engaging the ego.

For instance I am  a flying instructor.

When the student arrives for his flight lesson he wants to see an instructor who is kind but serious and passionate about flying and about flying safety. When the student arrives that is exactly the role I will be playing. It does not mean I am using my ego because I know this is just a role. It also does not mean I am being fake because I find the role easy to play and I am employing this role for the students benefit. I am free to step out of the role when I return home and I know the role is not who I am.

Being offended is a sign of a strong ego.

When someone offends you or when you get angry with some situation or a person it is normally your ego causing this unease. Your false sense of self (your ego) has been threatened so you start to get angry.

It may be someone has made you look silly. Your Ego has told you that you are always in control and never look silly so being made to look foolish upsets this false belief.

If you had no Ego you would not mind if you look foolish because you would realise that looking foolish is just a thought and has nothing to do with the real you.

Why living without an ego is possible

You can still operate in this world without being lost in your ego. You can take on any role to fit into the current social setting at the appropriate time and yet still be yourself.

Identifying our ego is in charge is the first step at minimising the ego!

The first step in reducing our ego is to firstly acknowledge you have one. As stated before, whenever you feel angry or worried chances are your ego is in charge. If you constantly worry about the future and defend the past the ego has taken you hostage.

If you judge other people and think you are better than anyone else you can thank your ego. Your ego wants you to think that you are special, your ego usually believes that you can only be special if someone else is not as special as you.

Having an ego is just plain exhausting. I have been working on reducing my ego for some time but I can assure you it still raises its ugly head from time to time.

Being aware of your Ego is the first step along the path of reducing it.


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