Do you suffer from Creative Discontent?

“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” – Andre Gide  


When you were a child do you remember doing anything creative or artistic that you enjoyed so much that you lost track of time?

Maybe you loved to draw and paint or maybe you’re dreamt up new inventions that would benefit humanity?


Creativity is natural for children

Have you noticed at how much children love to create? Whether it is their first finger painting or Lego set, most children have a natural instinct to create.

For a child creating is an act of play and is as natural as taking their mother’s milk.


Do you still create?

Do you still do anything creative?

Unless you are a professional artist or doing work that uses your unique creative talents, I can almost guarantee the answer is going to be no.

So what happened and where did your creativity go?


Your creativity never left you!

The good news is your creativity has always been with you.

One of the main differences between humans and the other species on our planet is the ability to create.

If you look at the word around you it is evident that humans are natural creators. From arts to technology there is no limit to what humans can create.

We use our imaginations then bring it to life in the physical word.


Everyone is born an Artist

Picasso once said that “every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

God has designed humanity with this wonderful ability to create. It is not something that some of us have, if you’re human you are creative!

You don’t have to be a painter or musician to be deemed an artist either. You could be a great cook or gardener. Any creative work can be thought of as art or artful.


What makes work artful?

  • The joy is in the doing
  • You lose track of time while creating
  • You would do the work regardless of remuneration
  • The work brings you joy
  • The work uses your unique talents
  • The work can benefit or be enjoyed by others.


What is creative Discontent?

Imagine you were a gifted oil painter and you absolutely loved to paint as much as you could.

When you were painting you lost track of time and you found the process an incredible joyful therapeutic experience.

Now imagine that you were innocently thrown in jail and told you could have every comfort you wanted in jail but you could not paint.

How do you think you would feel?

I know I would feel frustrated, lost and at times depressed not being able to follow my creative calling to paint.

This is an extreme example of creative discontent. A complete dissatisfaction with not being able to use ones creativity.

Most individuals suffer from some form of this discontent because for most of us once the child become old enough to be deemed responsible the creativity that was once a large part of their lives is thrown out the window.


Why we lose our creativity (the lost Artist in all of us)

The reasons I believe we lose much of our innate creativity and curiosity is because from the age of about ten we are forced to make choices that relate to our future as income earning individuals.

Well-meaning schools and indeed our own parents want us to get as good as grade as possible so we eventually secure a high paying comfortable job.

Creativity, unless it has a future economic positive outcome for the individual is soon forgotten and dismissed as being a childhood dream or fantasy.

If you cannot make money from it then its a waste of time.

So most of us place our creativity on the shelf and focus on what makes sense to society, family and friends.


The rise of technology and the distracted society.

The other enemy of creativity particularly in the last ten years is the adoption of technology by many children. Now instead of a sketchbook and pad children have an iPad.

More children are owning mobile phones at a younger age.

Most adults are also addicted too much of this technology.

This constant viewing of technology stops the individuals from any real creative work. They spend their entire lives as viewers and not creators.


Listening to the quiet voice of god for inspiration.

It’s time to find some quiet time to get alone. I find a wonderful way to receive creative insight is to play some uplifting inspirational music while I am alone.

When I hear a really inspirational piece of classical music I have often inspirational creative visions. Whether it’s my next book or my next blog these inspirations usually come when I am relaxed listening to music or alone in a natural setting.


Listen to your inner calling, what would you love to create?

Is it a song, a poem, a new film you have been dreaming of for some time? It may be not related to the fine arts. It could be a new business that you have dreamt of creating.

If the creative vision is based on creating beauty and spreading joy then it is God tapping you on the shoulder asking you to have him work through you.

If your vision involves spreading fear or creating anything that would disadvantage another human being then it is not from God.

Creative work is hard work because it requires all of your being to make it work.


Fear of failing!

I believe one of the biggest reasons many of us stop creating is because we are afraid of failing or being made to look like a fool.

If I failed at writing music I would not be that upset because I have no real talent for music and I have never had any inspiration to write any music.

To fail at music therefore would not be devastating for me. However if I failed as a writer, author or motivational speaker I would be upset because I know it is my calling and want to connect and help as many individuals as possible.

When we are inspired to create and use our unique talents the thought of ridicule or failure is too much for many so they don’t bother to create anything at all.


Creation is a risk

The process of creating is always a risk. You may produce a masterpiece or it could be a complete failure.

Failure is a part of the process so learn to accept it as natural step in creating anything of value.

Learning your craft will also take a long time. Occasionally an individual is born with an incredible talent, however for the rest of us our talents require consistent practice for them to mature.


Time to begin

Creating is your birthright, don’t ignore your inner calling to create beauty and joy in whatever form you desire.

Start small, stop watching television every night and use that time to develop your creative talents and master your craft.

Don’t be concerned of whether your art is valuable or not, if you enjoy the process and it is an act of love and beauty then it is valuable to you!

If it is valuable to you then eventually it will be valuable to someone else.

God is a loving creator and you have been created in the image of God. To ignore your innate creativity is to ignore God.

Your creative spirit has been left in the dark for too long.

It’s time to let your inner artist shine!


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