Do you believe in yourself enough?

Are you stuck with self-doubt and don’t believe that anything is possible for your life?

Do you think living the life of your dreams is impossible?

Did you realise that almost any future is possible with enough faith and belief?


What does believing in yourself actually mean?

Believing in yourself means that you believe you have the ability to create a life of your choosing and have the ability to deal with whatever situation is thrown at you. Individuals who lack a strong belief in themselves do not believe that they can actually change their own world or the word around them.

I started a flying school with no money of my own, no business experience and a lot of individuals telling me it was impossible, luckily I decided to listen to my inner voice and not theirs.

Jeff Bezos started Amazon in his Garage. I would like to personally thank Jeff for believing in the impossible, because I can now self-publish and distribute my book worldwide thanks to Jeff trying to change the way we buy, view and distribute books.

I’m sure most individuals would not have believed that Jeff Bezos would create the largest online bookstore in the world from his garage and at the same time revolutionise the book publishing industry. Our lives become a magical playground when we start believing the impossible is possible for our lives and the world around us.

Without a strong belief system nothing of value can be created in this world.


Children, the anything is possible belief system!

Have you noticed how small children have this wonderful ability to imagine that anything is possible? Children are great at using their imagination then creating what they imagine. We have heard all children say “I am going to be an astronaut when I grow up” or “I am going to be an actor or actress when I grow up” are two common childhood dreams.

Children have an incredible belief system. However something happens to most of us between the ages of six and sixteen that crushes this belief system.


So what happens to us?

The sad reality is the majority of society including our family and friends are not living the life of their dreams and lack a strong belief system!

This I believe is one of the fundamental reasons why many of us don’t pursue our dreams and why we don’t believe that anything is possible. If we grow up in a family where our parents are living below their potential and accept it, or if our friends and teachers do not believe in themselves then it should be of no surprise that you do not have a strong internal belief system.


Sometimes bad things happen!

Another reason we don’t tend to believe that anything is possible for our lives is because bad things can happen to anyone at any time with no warning. It could be cancer, financial loss, the loss of a loved one or a terrorist attack.

We live in an unpredictable world where disaster can strike at any time. For many of us this reinforces that we have no control over our lives. Why bother chasing our dreams when it can all come to an abrupt end at any time.

Does random unlikely events give us the right to believe that nothing is possible?


Your part in the play of life

Most of us have no idea when our last day on Earth will be. Does this give us the right not to act on our dreams? What is the alternative? Don’t do anything, don’t venture outside and engage with the world because it can be dangerous? That is sort of like saying thanks for creating me God but because I don’t know when my last day on Earth will be I’m not going to believe in myself or that anything is possible.

I would prefer to leave this world living on Purpose and believing almost anything is possible then settling for a half-life lived in fear.


There is a very good chance that you will live a long life!

Unless you live in a third world country the odds are in your favour that you will live to at least 65 years of age. That’s a long time to be on Earth if you are not living on purpose. Imagine you decide to not take any risks and live a life less than you’re capable off just so you can maybe live a bit longer. At the end of your life you don’t want to look back and say “wow I’m glad I lived a boring predictable life and didn’t live on purpose”.


The rule of society

I’m going to go out on a limb here, modern society is so complex and can be so oppressive that many of us are just too busy just existing and trying to make ends meet to even think about improving our belief system and living a life on purpose. Think we don’t live in a complex society, try getting on an aircraft overseas tomorrow without a passport, or try applying for a job without a tax file number. Or better still try living for a week without the internet or a bank or a bank card.

The average middle class worker in America or Australia spends more than half of their income on taxes and housing. The other half is left over for food, bills other debt, if your lucky a little left over for yourself. To live in our modern society full time work is required. If you’re living week to week and seeing scarcity all around you it’s going to be harder for you to grow your belief system.


Impatience and frustration

Impatience and frustration has killed more dreams than they have created. What happens when you try something new and it does not work out? Do you give up?

George Lucas’s first film (THX 1138) was almost a complete flop. A lot of individuals would have given up. Not George, he went on to make American Graffiti then of course Star Wars. Imagine if he had given up making films after his first flop, (no R2D2 no Han Solo) what a sad world it would be.

Most of us tend to give up when things do not go our way. Or if we don’t see a positive change happening in a short amount of time we tend to think it’s not going to happen.



Discouragement sets in when we do not see instant results. The two flying schools I own took a considerable amount of effort and time to grow to a point where I was making a reasonable income.

When I started my second flight school I only averaged about five hours flying per week for the first six months. This school now three years later is as busy as and sometimes busier than my first flight school. It takes time to build anything of value and it rarely happens overnight.

What if success in any endeavour was the ability to have faith in an outcome that you have no current evidence of its realisation?


Waiting for your life to be perfect 

Many individuals put of believing in themselves because they are waiting for their life to perfect or should I say less of a mess before they begin. I have heard it so many times,“When I earn a bit more money I will start that business” or “ When I pay of my mortgage I can finally do what I love”

This is fear based thinking and is actually quite insane. Do you think my life is perfect while I am writing this post? Of course not, I always have a myriad of life challenges to deal with every day, this is just a normal part of being human. To have a strong belief system we must believe that whatever troubles we are going through will be overcome and they should not stop us from pursuing our true life purpose.


Fear and worry and being uncomfortable

Fear and worry are constant companions whenever we are trying to achieve anything of significance. From operating a business I know firsthand the power that fear and worry can have over your life.

Most of us do not like to experience fear and worry. Stretching your limits and chasing after the impossible will require many moments of fear and worry and you will feel uncomfortable. As most individuals do not like to feel uncomfortable they tend to avoid anything that may cause fear or worry. This includes following their dreams and improving their belief system.

I am going to be brutally honest with you. Following your passion and dreams is hard work and will lead to you being very uncomfortable.

Starting and operating a business is both rewarding and exhausting. It can also be highly stressful. At times I feel like I am juggling four spinning plates while riding a unicycle while having wolves chasing me. It can be that hard and it can be very uncomfortable.


We learn by being uncomfortable

I have had a few of my flying students give up their flight training when they realise that a lot of work is involved and at times they will feel uncomfortable during their flight training.

Being uncomfortable is a sign we are stretching ourselves and learning. When things don’t go right with one of my businesses I realise that there is some precious lesson to be learnt during this challenging uncomfortable moment.
Why being positive and thinking big is the least effective way to achieve the impossible

We have all heard self-help gurus advising we must change our thought patterns and think positive and think big to achieve big success. I agree partially that many of us limit our lives with unhealthy thought patterns. However thinking that just changing our thought patterns and habits will be enough to improve our external reality is akin to renovating a house with that has internal termite damage inside.

You may be able to achieve great things just by changing your thoughts and thinking positive however your results will be limited and you will never achieve long lasting peace and joy this way.


Belief in God

I believe that having faith in God is the best way can learn to believe in ourselves. As mere physical beings we are limited in our capacity on what we can achieve on our own, however with God working through us we can create real miracles in our lives and the lives of others. I would suggest spending as much time as possible getting to know God. Reading the bible and the Tao Te Ching would be a great start.

Meditation and praying is also an excellent way to build a relationship with God.


Purpose and a reason greater than yourself.

If you do not believe something is possible then you will not even try to attempt any course of action that may make the impossible possible. If you don’t try then it will never materialise and therefore reinforce your belief that it was not possible.

God does not want us to waste our precious time on ourselves. He has given us gifts and a purpose to help others. If you’re living for the weekend or your next holiday or working hard for your retirement plan you’re missing the point of your life.

Believing in yourself is so much easier when we are working on a project that will benefit others. I would suggest reading biographies of others who have achieved the impossible, I would suggest Buckminster Fuller as a fantastic example of someone who believed in the impossible.

Your life is not an accident, your life is a miracle, do not waste it with a limited belief system. Why would God create you to NOT believe in yourself?

It’s time to change yourself and the world around you, someone somewhere is counting on you to believe in yourself !

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