Dare to be a radical

Sick of living an ordinary life? Are you just getting by? Worrying about how you’re going to pay your latest electricity bill?

I can almost guarantee that you are most likely heavily involved both mentally and emotionally in what I call the minor details of life. The minor details are everything we need to do to support our material existence here on Earth. Going to work, cleaning the house, going to the grocery store, paying the bills, all these chores are necessary to support our lives. However we can become overwhelmed by these chores.

If you want to live a life that transcends ordinary then you have to think as little as possible about the ordinary and this includes our chores.

To live a radical life you have to think differently to everyone else.

Below is a list of what ordinary individuals spend most of their time doing and thinking.

  • Work at a job that is secure but unrewarding
  • They go on a nice holiday once per year
  • They most likely watch a couple of hours of television every night.
  • They stress about paying their bills on time.
  • Often socialise with friends and family on the weekend.
  • A large proportion are concerned about their retirement.
  • They do not if at all question “is there more to life than this?”
  • The do not believe that they have the power to radically change themselves and the world.

Does any of these sound like yourself? Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with watching television or planning to go on a holiday, however if this is the main focus of your life then you will never be truly satisfied.

Radical individuals have a passion to change themselves and in the process they change the world. They are not content to accept living an ordinary life.

Radical individuals are driven to improve themselves and the lives of others.

Instead of asking the question what is in it for me, they ask the question how best I can serve.

Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Jesus, Loa Tzu and Ghandi. These where all radical individuals who were inspired by God to follow their spiritual Purpose.

Do not let the domestic chores of this world stop you from finding your true purpose and becoming a radical agent for change.

Radical change can be used for good or evil, that is why it is important you develop a relationship with God first.

As a suggestion stop watching television today and spend no more than one hour per day on domestic chores.

The rest of the time work on building your relationship with God, family and friends and discovering your Spiritual Purpose. Your purpose may be small or grand but it is essential you start the journey of self-discovery today.

When your ninety years of age and taking your last few breaths on this planet you are not going to say ” I wish I watched more television and went on more holidays “. I can guarantee you will be thinking I wish I spent more time getting to know God and spending more time with family and friends. You will also be wishing you spent more time fulfilling your purpose and helping others.

Enough said, there is enough ordinary in the world, time to get to work.

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