How a Business Can Change The World

I honestly believe that one of best way to effect change in the world is through a business.

As an employee both your time and resources are often very limited. If your aim is to change the world for the better than a business can give you both the time and resources to achieve this.

I am not suggesting that everyone should start a business. You may be better off utilising your gifts as an employee or specialist employee. There are many non-profit companies that you could also join to make a positive difference in the world, however let’s consider the benefits of starting a business.

The benefits or advantages include-

  • Actually doing work you have an interest in
  • Setting your own schedule and work/life balance
  • Being able to hire and work with like-minded individuals
  • Having more time and income to work on other projects.
  • Gaining value experience with success and failure that cannot be learnt at a job.
  • Offering a product or service that will benefit society.
  • Attract talented individuals who can support your purpose
  • You may fail


I better also include some of the disadvantages

  • You may have to work long hours initially to get the business started
  • You may not have a great work life balance for a while
  • You may lose a lot of money
  • You may fail


Noticed I included you may fail as both an advantage and a disadvantage. Most of us see failure as a disadvantage and indeed failure can be is we do not learn the valuable lessons failure presents us.

I am sure you have heard the saying we learn more from our failures than our successes. I can honestly say that this is very true. Successful businesses are a succession of small failures that where not terminal but helped shape the business owners knowledge. My first two years in business was about learning what did not work. I am still learning what does not work but I am getting better at changing course before any failure becomes terminal.

People who never fail will never grow. Never not start a business through fear of failing.


Your business may not be the instrument but provide the fuel that changes the world.

Microsoft has had a huge impact on technology and how we interact with the computer. However the real benefit to society has been the income that Bill Gates and his wife has channelled into helping the have nots of this world. Without the success of Microsoft the Bill Gates foundation would never have existed.

The point is your business may not change the world however the income or time it creates for you personally may be the fuel that is required for you to change the world.

However your business may in fact change the world. You may design and sell emergency portable housing for low income earners or create educational products to help individuals improve their lives (like me).

Think of a business as a structure that supports your life purpose. While personally my mission is to align individuals with God and their spiritual purpose I also realise that the best way to achieve this is through a business structure.

The biggest benefit I believe in starting a business is that is allows you to be true to your own calling. When you work for someone else you are working to support their purpose, so it is very unlikely that you will every fully realise your purpose as an employee.

In some instances you may find your purpose is aligned with a particular company’s purpose however I believe this is rare.

So may I kindly ask you not to start a business to get rich or be comfortable? Start a business to make a difference, start today, and the world needs more businesses that matter!




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