Is your ego hijacking your ambition?

The definition of ambition is having a strong desire or passion to succeed. While our modern society rewards and celebrates individuals who are ambitious, what if ambition could actually be bad for us? Studies have shown that as a whole, ambitious individuals are only slightly happier than non-ambitious individuals, and tend to live slightly shorter lives. I am of the opinion that some ambition is a good thing. If we never had any passion or desire to succeed then nothing much in this world would ever get done! I have met plenty of individuals who are living on purpose and who are ambitious in a positive way and have a Read more about Is your ego hijacking your ambition?[…]

Why you don’t love your life and what to do about it!

In the deepest part of your memory you can probably remember a time long ago when your life was full of excitement, adventure, joy and hope. Then somewhere along the way something happened, reality or life got in your way.   Part time lovers Most of us are only part time lovers of our lives. We love the weekends, holidays, sleeping in, our partners, friends and family. Most individuals I know do not love going to work. We all know that many of us live for the weekends to escape our dreary week of work that we do not love. We are forever thinking about getting out of what we Read more about Why you don’t love your life and what to do about it![…]