escape the job you hate

Are you ready to escape the work you hate?

I hated being an employee and knew that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, however I also realised that it would take time to prepare myself for the road that lay ahead. In fact it took over ten years. When someone asks me should I quit my job to start a business or a new exciting career I normally ask them a simple “why do you want to start a business or start a new career?” The why is fundamentally more important that the how or the when. Below I have outlined some very important questions you need to ask yourself before you escape the work you hate.   Do you Read more about Are you ready to escape the work you hate?[…]

Do you believe in yourself enough?

Are you stuck with self-doubt and don’t believe that anything is possible for your life? Do you think living the life of your dreams is impossible? Did you realise that almost any future is possible with enough faith and belief?   What does believing in yourself actually mean? Believing in yourself means that you believe you have the ability to create a life of your choosing and have the ability to deal with whatever situation is thrown at you. Individuals who lack a strong belief in themselves do not believe that they can actually change their own world or the word around them. I started a flying school with no Read more about Do you believe in yourself enough?[…]