How to purchase a business when you have no money!

This post is not intended to be a get rich quick rags to riches story because firstly I have never worn rags (thankfully) and secondly I am far from rich. I have written this post to make it evidently clear that anything is possible if we put our faith in our Creator and follow our Spiritual Purpose. I also want to dispel the myth once and for all that it takes money to make things happen. I have firsthand experience and evidence that it does not take money to follow your dream. I believe that the world can be radically changed if we encourage more individuals to start businesses that benefit humanity. Read more about How to purchase a business when you have no money![…]

How I almost lost my business TWICE!

There is nothing quite like the challenge of running your own business. I can never imagine taking a job again as I have come to love the independence and creative drive your business presents you with every day. However owning a business can be a love-hate affair. I love it when things are going well and hate running a business when the business starts to suffer or external circumstances put the your business at risk. My first business was a flying school. The first year was a fantastic year, the business was growing, I was making decent money and was thinking to myself, wow this is easy, I should have Read more about How I almost lost my business TWICE![…]