23 November 2013

About Damien

Damien Wills Chief Pilot

My story

At the height of the Global Financial Crisis, after working for 20 years in unfulfilling jobs, and with four dependent children and less than $1,000 in the bank, I did something which could be considered either brave or reckless…

I discarded the security that my job provided and I started my first business: a flying school.

For much of the previous 15 years I’d asked myself, ‘what is the purpose of my life?’

At the time I felt my current work just wasn’t moving humanity forward. I was well paid, in a well-respected international company, but it was all meaningless.

I knew that in order to achieve deeper satisfaction and happiness I needed to find my true purpose in life.

Today, I own GoFly Aviation, (one of Australia’s busiest recreational flying schools based in Caloundra); and am busy creating online flying lessons and videos as well as branching out into co-ordinating loans for pilots and aircraft owners. All aspects of GoFly focus on helping others to follow their dreams and passions.

I am a firm believer in the idea that anyone can radically transform their lives and change the world for the better.

With that in mind, I invite you along for a journey.

How this website can help you

If you feel lost and confused about what you should be doing with your life and you wish to discover work that you love, then this site has been created for you. After managing to find my own way out of a non-rewarding (and soul-destroying) job and into a business I love, I realised that I now have the tools to assist others to make the transition too.

I have read countless books and thought deeply over the last twenty or so years about what it takes to discover one’s life purpose and to find work that you love. Much of this site focuses on overcoming your own inner doubts and fears and finding tools to assist you in moving towards a life that is better aligned with your own unique talents and interests.

My hope is that i can open your eyes to the pressures that society and well-intentioned friends and family put on each of us, and how these pressures and expectations can stop us from reaching our potential and discovering a life and work that we love.

If you are doing something that is rewarding and which you love, not only will your own life improve but so will the lives of others.

On these pages you will find both my personal thoughts and my trial and error experiences which I have written about in order to help you too to become the person you where born to be.