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seven reasons why a 28 hour work week makes sense

Seven reasons why working a 28-hour week makes sense!

When I worked as a manager with a large insurance company it was not uncommon to work 45 to 50 hour weeks even though I was only paid for a 37.5 hour week. This was just the norm in this industry and an expectation. If I was not willing to work these hours, then someone else would and could take my place. Presently, over seven million Australians work more than 45 hours per week. At the same time we have a decrease in the amount of full-time work available and an increase in part-time or casual positions. On the one hand we have workers who are stressed out and working Read more about Seven reasons why working a 28-hour week makes sense![…]

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The honest truth about owning and operating a flight school as a business

I am the proud owner of a busy flight school. I am not a millionaire, however I do enjoy an adequate income and for the majority of the week, I undertake work that I truly love as well as working with some amazing individuals. I am grateful to own a flight school however the reality is that owning and operating a business is tough on a person mentally. I am confident that the reason the majority of businesses that fail within the first five years is because the owner or owners have had enough of the mental stress and uncertainty which is associated with owning and operating a business. While Read more about The honest truth about owning and operating a flight school as a business[…]

How much is your ‘enough’?

More is not always more We live in a society which constantly promotes the idea that more of everything is good for you. More money in the bank, more friends, more experiences and more possessions. We are bombarded with advertising which constantly promotes the good life and what you need to get there. We see and hear stories about celebrities, movie stars and self-made millionaires and we start to think this is the lifestyle that will allow us to live the life of our dreams. So many of us chase after the illusion that if we work hard enough and smart enough we will eventually have the income and lifestyle Read more about How much is your ‘enough’?[…]

How focus will improve your life!

I bet you can remember a time long ago when you had dreams about what your future would look like? You may have had aspirations of owning your business or being a famous movie director or any number of combinations that probably included living in a location that you love and having a special partner you can share it all with. Usually we start these dreams of our future in our early teens. They are often big and grand dreams where anything is possible and life appears to be one big candy store with unlimited choice of the dreams we can create. Then something happens! At some point during our Read more about How focus will improve your life![…]

The four types of malicious individuals and how to deal with them

Learning to become who you were meant to be, is a lifelong process. As you  start discovering your authentic self you will come across individuals who will try and damage you in some form and continuously test your patience.  This is a sign that you are on the right path. Knowing how to recognise these individuals and how to deal with them is a great way to overcome being victimised. The term ‘malicious’ means intending to harm someone or their reputation. I’m sure that at some point in your life you have dealt with someone who has tried to harm you in some way. No amount of common decency, kindness Read more about The four types of malicious individuals and how to deal with them[…]

10 reasons why you should quit your job within six months!

I was stuck in a job I hated – I mean really hated – for more than ten years. My friends and family could not understand why I hated my job as an insurance manager. I earned a six figure income and had all the perks and comforts of being employed as a middle-level manager for a large publicly-listed company. I wanted to quit my job. I procrastinated for a long time on the pros and cons of staying at my comfortable but soul-destroying job or leaving to start my own business. It was not until I couldn’t stand it any longer (I really was dying inside) that I decided Read more about 10 reasons why you should quit your job within six months![…]

What I Learned From My Marriage Breakup

August 2016 I have been absent for a while. It’s now been around six months since I created a post. I have gone from posting twice per week to posting nothing in six months. The reason is a simple and unfortunately common one, my marriage of eighteen years came to an abrupt end late last year. While the seeds of the eventual separation were sown many years ago, the last half of 2015 will not be remembered as one of my happiest. I am not going to go into any detail on why my marriage failed but I am going to write about what I have learnt about myself, and about long Read more about What I Learned From My Marriage Breakup[…]


What are the three comfort zones killing your dreams?

Can you remember the dreams you had for your life when you were a child or teenager? I bet they were big dreams, full of adventure and endless possibilities. You may have dreamt of being a movie director, an entrepreneur like Richard Branson or maybe a famous fashion designer. But over time, something happened; life got in the way. It may have been the high school teacher who told you to be realistic with your future career, or your parents who suggested you take that course because there are plenty of jobs in that area. You may have been talented at art but going out socialising somehow became more of a Read more about What are the three comfort zones killing your dreams?[…]

Is your ego hijacking your ambition?

The definition of ambition is having a strong desire or passion to succeed. While our modern society rewards and celebrates individuals who are ambitious, what if ambition could actually be bad for us? Studies have shown that as a whole, ambitious individuals are only slightly happier than non-ambitious individuals, and tend to live slightly shorter lives. I am of the opinion that some ambition is a good thing. If we never had any passion or desire to succeed then nothing much in this world would ever get done! I have met plenty of individuals who are living on purpose and who are ambitious in a positive way and have a Read more about Is your ego hijacking your ambition?[…]


Learning to fly: fear and personality

Learning to fly: fear and personality I have been wanting to write this blog about fear for a long time. Part of the reason I have put it off is due to being incredibly busy over the last six months, and also, ironically, due to my own fear: fear of offending someone!  I’m writing it not to name and shame, but to highlight the difficulties humans have when dealing with our internal fears and personality quirks, and in writing this, I’m hoping to help readers identify when others are displaying fear-based behaviour or personality issues/disorders. As a small business owner I am fascinated in what motivates individuals to learn and Read more about Learning to fly: fear and personality[…]

The best book I have read this year and why you should read it

I am unashamedly addicted to reading non fiction books. I usually purchase and read a book once each week. Self development, business and innovation would top the list of the types of books I love to read. Last month I discovered a book while browsing through a small country bookstore in Armidale while on a short holiday in NSW. The book is called Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman. The book was so good I read it within a day and this was while I was looking after my four children. I just could not put the book down. Rutger is a young dutch Philosopher, economist, historian and author and has Read more about The best book I have read this year and why you should read it[…]

Grow wider not taller: a simple alternative to growing your business TOO BIG

I started my first business – a flying school – seven years ago in 2010. In the first three years of my business I grew the business from one flight school and two aircraft up to three flight schools with a total of seven aircraft and numerous staff members. I enjoyed good growth thanks to a powering economy and a lack of other business competition at the time. I was training a very high net-worth individual at the time (he was worth around $80 million) and he asked to see my business structure and financials, so that he could give me advice in a mentoring role. I happily agreed as Read more about Grow wider not taller: a simple alternative to growing your business TOO BIG[…]

Do you have a sacred space?

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.” Joseph Campbell One of the major roadblocks to discovering your life’s purpose is that many of us don’t have a private “sacred” space of our own. What is a sacred space? A sacred place is a place where you can retreat from the world and rediscover who you are! Your sacred space reflects your uniqueness. It can be anywhere that you can reconnect with your spirit! This may be a quiet part of your garden or an office you have transformed into your own private sanctuary. In our modern society many of us experience stress and time poverty. Read more about Do you have a sacred space?[…]

What I discovered after having no phone or internet for 7 days!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to disconnect from all telecommunications and social media for a meaningful length of time? As the owner of a few businesses, my iPad and iPhone travel with me wherever I go. It is not unusual for me to answer at least fifteen phone calls, over twenty texts and emails in a 24 hour period. This has become to some extent business as usual. I would always take my technology with me on holidays for fear of losing control of my businesses. My posts constantly preach simplicity and learning to quieten the mind to alleviate stress from our lives. While I personally spend Read more about What I discovered after having no phone or internet for 7 days![…]

Why you don’t love your life and what to do about it!

In the deepest part of your memory you can probably remember a time long ago when your life was full of excitement, adventure, joy and hope. Then somewhere along the way something happened, reality or life got in your way.   Part time lovers Most of us are only part time lovers of our lives. We love the weekends, holidays, sleeping in, our partners, friends and family. Most individuals I know do not love going to work. We all know that many of us live for the weekends to escape our dreary week of work that we do not love. We are forever thinking about getting out of what we Read more about Why you don’t love your life and what to do about it![…]

escape the job you hate

Are you ready to escape the work you hate?

I hated being an employee and knew that I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, however I also realised that it would take time to prepare myself for the road that lay ahead. In fact it took over ten years. When someone asks me should I quit my job to start a business or a new exciting career I normally ask them a simple “why do you want to start a business or start a new career?” The why is fundamentally more important that the how or the when. Below I have outlined some very important questions you need to ask yourself before you escape the work you hate.   Do you Read more about Are you ready to escape the work you hate?[…]

Do you believe in yourself enough?

Are you stuck with self-doubt and don’t believe that anything is possible for your life? Do you think living the life of your dreams is impossible? Did you realise that almost any future is possible with enough faith and belief?   What does believing in yourself actually mean? Believing in yourself means that you believe you have the ability to create a life of your choosing and have the ability to deal with whatever situation is thrown at you. Individuals who lack a strong belief in themselves do not believe that they can actually change their own world or the word around them. I started a flying school with no Read more about Do you believe in yourself enough?[…]

hate your job

How to escape the job you hate in 6 months!

If you do not enjoy your job and you are working because you have to and not because you want to, then I regret to inform that you are a wage slave! The good news you can escape this wage slave job that you hate within six months quite easily. All it takes is a plan and consistent action daily. I will assume you either do not know what your life purpose is or if you do, you are not ready to make a living from doing the work you love just yet.   Why you hate your job The main reasons you hate your job is because you feel Read more about How to escape the job you hate in 6 months![…]

spiritual loneliness

How to cope with spiritual loneliness and isolation.

I’m sure at some point in your life you have felt loneliness. It may have been an extended period of being single after the breakup of a long term partnership or it may have been the death of a loved one. It is a given that if you are human you have experienced firsthand the effects of loneliness. Clinical tests have shown repeatedly that for the majority of the population too much time alone can lead to depression. You don’t have to be alone to feel loneliness There is another state of loneliness that many of us suffer from but it has nothing to do with being left alone or having Read more about How to cope with spiritual loneliness and isolation.[…]

hate my work

How to tolerate the job you hate until you discover the work you love!

If you hate your job you are not alone A Gallup survey completed in 2013 for over 225000 workers world-wide, suggested that only 13 percent of workers were engaged or had a passion for their job. More than half were disengaged completely from their jobs. Chances are you have dreamt of walking out of your job with no notice (possibly telling the boss where to go) ready to start your new life, and finally do the work that you love. While this type of thinking can help with putting a plan in place, suddenly walking out of your job is usually not the smartest way to move into work that Read more about How to tolerate the job you hate until you discover the work you love![…]

How to change the world

How to change the world while accepting it!

   “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller   You may have gathered from the rest of my posts I am deeply passionate about changing the world one person at a time. I believe that if each of us could reconnect with our creator and our spiritual purpose then incredible changes could take place in the world in a relatively short amount of time. However trying to change society without changing an individual’s internal reality is like painting a house with severe termite damage inside. No lasting change can occur in our Read more about How to change the world while accepting it![…]


Do you suffer from Creative Discontent?

“Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” – Andre Gide     When you were a child do you remember doing anything creative or artistic that you enjoyed so much that you lost track of time? Maybe you loved to draw and paint or maybe you’re dreamt up new inventions that would benefit humanity?   Creativity is natural for children Have you noticed at how much children love to create? Whether it is their first finger painting or Lego set, most children have a natural instinct to create. For a child creating is an act of play and is as Read more about Do you suffer from Creative Discontent?[…]

why most jobs are soul destroying

Why most jobs are soul destroying!

Do you often wonder why you dread going to work every day ? I did for a long time, then one day I stumbled upon this quote by EF Schumacher that changed everything for me.   “That soul-destroying, meaningless, mechanical, monotonous, moronic work is an insult to human nature which must necessarily and inevitably produce either escapism or aggression, and that no amount of “bread and circuses” can compensate for the damage done–these are facts which are neither denied nor acknowledged but are met with an unbreakable conspiracy of silence–because to deny them would be too obviously absurd and to acknowledge them would condemn the central preoccupation of modern society as a Read more about Why most jobs are soul destroying![…]

Why the end of the 40 hour work week is a good thing !

  I’m not against working. To have a fully functioning society there are certain jobs that need to be done. Farming, construction and health services are some examples of the important services we require to maintain our society. Until we have fully automated robots doing most of these jobs (still a while away) works still has to be completed by humans.   Most work does not contribute to essential services The reality is most jobs don’t actually contribute to our essential services. While I’m not suggesting that all jobs have to be created for essential services (I can’t imagine a world without coffee shops) we also have a large proportion Read more about Why the end of the 40 hour work week is a good thing ![…]

How to never worry about money again!

How to never worry about money again!

The jury is out, financial worry (and stress) is the number one cause of stress for most of us in the developed world. A new survey conducted by the American Physiological association (APA) puts financial worry as the leading cause of worry and stress for Americans. A recent survey conducted in Australia placed financial worry as the leading cause of stress for middle aged men. If you google (survey and money/ stress or financial worry) you will see a trend. Survey after survey puts financial stress at the top of the list in most developed countries. Do not think you have to be broke to be on this list as Read more about How to never worry about money again![…]

Should you start a business with a family?

Kids change everything! When I was an employee hating my job and dreaming of owning my own business one day I used to think that anyone who wanted to be an employee all their life was clinically insane. The irony is, now I have had experience operating different businesses, I now believe that perhaps it is the business owners who are insane for starting a business. Starting a business and raising children is not for the fainthearted. The more kids you have the more income and time you require to look after your kids. When you start a business, income and time is usually at an all-time low. The first important Read more about Should you start a business with a family?[…]

You don’t have to be rich to be an entrepreneur!

Richard Branson for most of us epitomises what it means to be an entrepreneur. He is flamboyant, adventurous, a risk taker and of course incredibly rich. Unfortunately  society tends to focus only on the rich part of being an entrepreneur as a measure of success. Even if that particular entrepreneur is doing a lot of good for society, if they are not rich then they must be doing something wrong. Most entrepreneurs are not rich Firstly I guess I should admit that everyone’s definition of being rich or wealthy will be different, however for the purpose of this article rich means that they have enough money to firstly, never have to Read more about You don’t have to be rich to be an entrepreneur![…]

How to purchase a business when you have no money!

This post is not intended to be a get rich quick rags to riches story because firstly I have never worn rags (thankfully) and secondly I am far from rich. I have written this post to make it evidently clear that anything is possible if we put our faith in our Creator and follow our Spiritual Purpose. I also want to dispel the myth once and for all that it takes money to make things happen. I have firsthand experience and evidence that it does not take money to follow your dream. I believe that the world can be radically changed if we encourage more individuals to start businesses that benefit humanity. Read more about How to purchase a business when you have no money![…]

How I almost lost my business TWICE!

There is nothing quite like the challenge of running your own business. I can never imagine taking a job again as I have come to love the independence and creative drive your business presents you with every day. However owning a business can be a love-hate affair. I love it when things are going well and hate running a business when the business starts to suffer or external circumstances put the your business at risk. My first business was a flying school. The first year was a fantastic year, the business was growing, I was making decent money and was thinking to myself, wow this is easy, I should have Read more about How I almost lost my business TWICE![…]

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A Question for Atheists

I have a known and have a few friends who are Atheists. They do not believe there is a God or any higher power working in our Universe. They rationalise that creation is sort of a cosmic accident. Most of these individuals are extremely intelligent and quite often conclude that believers in a higher power are either not intelligent enough to understand the truth or are just plain whacko! […]

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Most Religions Lead to God!

I was born into a Christian Catholic loving family.

I am grateful that my parents gave me an introduction to religion and spirituality from an early age. My wife and I have also done the same for our kids. While I was raised a Catholic ,by no means to I believe that Catholicism is the only way to reach God or the only way to live a spiritually rich life. […]

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How to Radically Change Yourself So You Can Transform the World!

Many of us feel as if our lives lack purpose and meaning. Many if us are searching for something to bring peace and meaning to our lives but are not sure how or where to start. Are you aware you that you are capable of radically transforming yourself and the world around you? What if I also told you that this radical transformation can also create lasting meaning and peace in your life? For a long period of time I was confused with what I should be doing with my life. I spent many years, studying, praying and meditating on the one question that kept surfacing “what is my purpose”. Read more about How to Radically Change Yourself So You Can Transform the World![…]